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Reasons to Choose Sustainable Landscaping

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One of the things to have become more and more of a common sight nowadays is sustainable landscaping. It makes sense, considering the absolute necessity for being eco-friendly in today’s time and doing your bit for the environment. An ever-increasing number of people are starting to opt for this type of landscaping also due to the fact that it can save you money too.  Discussed below are the reasons why when contacting a landscape supplies company in Guildford to buy their products, you may opt for a sustainable landscaping option.

Reasons to Speak to a Guildford Garden Supplies Company for Sustainable Landscaping

  • Saving Water

The best thing about sustainable landscaping is the fact that it greatly reduces the amount of water you need to use. With water rates ever-increasing in this day and age, you can understand how far this can go to save you a ton of money. Sustainable landscaping is a concept that involves the use of plants and flowers that are not weeds but they are already native to the Guildford area, meaning that they occur naturally and don’t require too much by way of additional care or maintenance from your part in order to thrive.  Another way of ensuring that you are landscaping in a sustainable way is by using Artificial grass in place of real grass.  Artificial grass is, well, artificial, so there’s no need to water it.  Gould and Jones prides itself as a long established and trusted landscaping company in Guildford offering a wide range of artificial grass solutions, from entry level to luxury.

  • Using Shade Trees

Another form of sustainable landscaping that helps your pocket is by choosing to plant trees which create a shade at just the right places on your gardens and landscaped areas around the main property.  This saves you money as there will be less need to use electricity-hungry fans if there are trees outside.  It is genuinely worth considering the amount of money that you can save if you plant the shade trees, especially deciduous ones, in your gardens or grounds.  The reason to go with deciduous trees is that the leaves fall off during autumn months, meaning that the warmth of the sun will be able to reach you when you need it the most and be blocked during the hotter months of the year.

  • Supporting the Local Ecosystem

When you have greenery and a well landscaped garden, invariably you end up attracting a lot of birds and other animals and even microorganisms to your property.  Gould & Jones, which some of our customers have dubbed us as the best builders’ merchants in Guildford have many supplies which can help create this environment, and you will immensely benefit from having good microorganisms in the soil as they help keep the soil healthy.

When seeking a landscape supplies company in Guildford who can help with providing sustainable landscaping, Gould & Jones Guildford could be right for you.

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