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Differentiating Between Turf And Artificial Grass In Guildford Is Now Easier

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Though turf and artificial grass look quite similar, they are actually not so. The process through which these synthetic grasses are built and installed is completely different. This is why they have different qualities and performance.

Not everyone willing to understand the basic difference between turf and AG is aware of the fact that the former is known as First Generation AG and the latter is known as third generation AG. If you are planning to install artificial grass in your property, knowing the difference between AG and turf is a must before you start looking for a reliable landscape supplies company in Guildford.

What Do We Mean By Artificial Grass?

AG is basically a type of synthetic grass available in the market. Its basic purpose is to stimulate natural grass. This grass variety is generally installed in large fields where players are trained and at club stadiums. Their surface is a bit more abrasive than natural grass. Though they will look similar from a distance, their texture is completely different. There are higher chances for you to get burned or scraped if you fall as the friction between you and the surface will be higher. Still, they are considered to be the best variety of synthetic grasses.

Installation Of Artificial Grass

The grasses are quite long which gives the surface a specific level of deepness. It is always advisable to approach an experienced company for the installation of artificial grass in Guildford as they have to pass through some strict FIFA requirements during installation. To ensure a cushion feel like a field with natural grass, a specific amount of rubber, sand and other flexible materials should be used. It is totally natural for a ball to bounce if it hits a field where artificial grass has been installed.

What Type Of Boots Should Be Used In AG Fields?

Visit a renowned shoe store and look for specialised soleplates which have been specially made for AG fields. The rounded rubber studs are long enough to give the necessary support in this type of fields. You don’t have to worry about them penetrating in the ground which helps in preventing injuries. They can last for years even if you wear them on the abrasive surface of AG fields.

About Turf

Artificial turf has become quite obsolete nowadays and is not seen much. The inferior quality of this material is considered to be the main reason behind it. Your playing experience won’t be enjoyable like a field where artificial grass has been installed. You will be surprised to know that there are a few famous players in Guildford who have completely denied playing on artificial turf fields. They look quite similar to a shallow carpet as the grasses are comparatively short. Just tap the field with your hand and you will get an idea about the roughness of the ground.

Since there are so many benefits of installing artificial grass instead of turf, it’s time you start looking for a reliable landscape supplies company.

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