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Decorative Stones Guildford

Beautiful Decorative Stones in Guildford

Need high-quality decorative stones in Guildford to transform your drive, garden or pond? Gould and Jones Guildford is simply the name to rely on. With a wealth of experience of over 15 years, we are suppliers you can count on for all your garden beautification needs. From paths and driveways to rockeries and ponds, our decorative stones are a great way to bring colour and texture as well as create exciting features in your garden.

Counted as trusted suppliers of decorative aggregates, we leave no stone unturned to ensure the consistency and quality of our products. Whether you wish to give your garden a makeover or want to overhaul your driveway, we have an excellent range of decorative stones in Guildford to cater to the needs of every customer. No matter how small or big the task is, we can supply aggregates, garden and gravel pebbles to suit every project and budget.

Great Benefits Of Using Our Decorative Stones

  • Low Maintenance Costs

The most incredible benefit of our decorative aggregates is their reduced maintenance cost. When you check out other varieties of mulch, you will realise the need for replacing the products often since they decompose into the soil. Adding our decorative stones can be beneficial since they keep on shining with a low maintenance requirement.

  • Plant Protection

Our high-quality decorative stones in Guildford protect plants all throughout the year, making them a great addition for every garden. During the winter, aggregates help in protecting plants since they add a layer of insulation to prevent the heat from escaping the soil. These stones can even take the brunt of the heat and light from the sun to protect plant roots in the summer months

  • Variety of Colour

Aggregates are beneficial to every garden since they come in a range of colours, helping homeowners beautify certain areas in their yard. This way, you can even theme your garden just the way you want. You can choose from colours like – pink, grey, purple, white, blue, beige, etc.

Where Can Our Decorative Stones Be Used?

Decorative stones can be used in various different areas for improving the design, look and several other aspects of your garden. However, they work best in areas like-

  • Ground Cover – to prevent soil erosion
  • Mulch – to insulate soil as well as for aesthetic purposes
  • Adding borders to pools, ponds, patios for a stylish look

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