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5 Fun Facts About Artificial Grass In Guildford You Will Love Reading

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One of the primary benefits offered by artificial turf is that they contain anti-bacterial properties which prevent germs and bacteria from spreading. You can expose your children to them without worrying about the harmful effects of pesticides. Since artificial grass offers so many benefits, the demand for this product has enhanced drastically in the last few years. It is not only about homeowners but artificial grass has commercial uses as well. If you are also planning to install them in your garden, there are a few fun facts which you will definitely love reading.

Installing Artificial Grass In Guildford? First Go Through The Fun Facts Below

  • There Are Various Types Of Artificial Grass

Both artificial grass suppliers and bricks merchants in Guildford offer their products in a wide variety of forms. As far as artificial grass is concerned, they can be in-fill, non in-fill, sports or hybrid. If you want to add them on the top and weight down the grass, opt for in-fill artificial turf. The sports turf is generally long and allows players to run on them.


  • Astroturf Is A Brand Name

If you are one of the people who think that Astroturf is a general term used to denote fake turf, it’s high time you debunk the myth. Astroturf is basically an American subsidiary engaged in producing artificial turf which can be easily used on playing surfaces. The original product was a ‘short-pile synthetic turf.’ This brand name was originally branded as ‘ChemGrass’ in the year 1965.


  • They Are Made Like Carpets

The process through which artificial turfs are made is quite similar to the carpets manufacturing process. This is why artificial grass in Guildford is often referred to as outdoor carpets which let water drain through them instead of making them stagnant. Even the terms used to describe the former is similar to carpet measurements. Since the nature of production is more or less similar, carpet factories are often used to make artificial grass.


  • Majority Of The Gardens Use Natural Grass

All the experienced builder’s merchants in Guildford will agree with the fact that there are not many gardens left in this town which doesn’t have natural grass. This is primarily because maintaining natural grass lawns is quite stressful. The artificial grass, on the other hand, requires very little maintenance throughout the year.


  • They Are More Common On Sports Pitches

There are numerous sports fields scattered all over Guildford which uses artificial grasses. Not only do they enhance the beauty and value of the playing surfaces but even players can run on them with ease. Almost all the football pitches in the UK now have artificial grass, maybe even the one where you saw your favourite team winning the last game.

If the facts stated above have enhanced your interest in artificial grass, it’s time you start looking for a reliable installer in Guildford and enhance the beauty of your lawn.

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